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Event Calligraphy


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Custom calligraphy added LIVE to your products is a perfect way to celebrate holidays, grand openings and other special events. On-site calligraphy and engraving creates an engaging, personalized client experience that will elevate your brand, boost brand awareness, and maximize your ROI by giving people a memorable and social experience.

On-site live calligraphy & engraving for brand activations, events and corporate displays in the Dublin, Ireland area (I also love to travel, so if your event is outside the Dublin area, travel can be arranged)! 

I bring all the tools needed to create custom art on your canvas of choice — paper, glass, leather, or metal — with pen and custom-colored inks or a cordless (almost silent) drill for engraving. 

It’s a perfect way to celebrate your special occasion whether it be holidays, grand openings and other special events.